Patch of Heaven Sanctuary is a 20-acre non-profit reforestation preserve located in the Redland Agricultural Area in the heart of Miami. We provide sanctuary to trees, bees, birds, butterflies, bats, buildings (historic) and beings (the human kind). We are a living, learning campus where neuroscience meets Nature through mindful awareness. It is our hope that as humans feel and sense Nature directly, decisions of care and actions of love for our planet will result.

Patch’s mission is to reconnect Humans to Nature one mindful walk, one tree and one breath at a time. Humans are part of the Web of Life and we hope to help heal the current imbalanced view and re-establish what indigenous wisdom calls “ayni”, or right relationship with all living beings.

Eco-wellness begins with acknowledging the climate anxiety many of us are experiencing, learning ways to turn toward the challenges with open-hearted awareness, resource ourselves with inner resilience, explore the antidotes that are available and take individual action as possible.