Reconnect | Replenish | Refresh

“Leaving downtown Miami I was so stressed out. After joining my team, here at Patch, I’ve calmed down and I feel so creative. We have a clear path for the new fiscal year ahead.”

— Sandy, Executive Director, Miami Non-Profit Organization

As a business owner or HR manager, the very best thing you can do for your company is to help your employees be their best. Patch of Heaven Sanctuary offers an opportunity for you to bring your small or large team to replenish and reconnect with nature as well as themselves. Through immersive half or full day retreats customized to fit your needs, you will set your employees on a path to better productivity and peace of mind as Suzanne Jewell, Chief Experience Officer for Patch of Heaven, teaches your team stress reduction and mindfulness techniques to guide them through their days.

Stress is a Global Crisis

  • 83%

    Report work as their primary source of stress


    Of 2014 health cases were due to employee depression, stress and anxiety

  • 50%

    Say their stress level is high or overwhelming


    Higher cost for workers who report high levels of stress

  • 33%

    Suffer from insomnia with significant impacts on health and performance.


    Of workplace injuries are due to human error at an average cost of $38K each

Highly stressed individuals cost $2,000 to the bottom line. 


Increase productivity

Reduce absenteeism and turnover

Adds a competitive edge in hiring

Decreases on-the-job injuries

Reduces health care costs

Inspires creativity

Increases motivation and enthusiasm 


Reduces stress

Improves mental clarity

Lowers blood pressure

Increases concentration

Lowers anxiety levels

Increases energy levels

Reduces pain associated with desk work

Booking your retreat during our fundraising period between now and December 1st will count towards our $50,000 fundraising goal. 

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