Leadership Miami® is an annual program of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the South Florida Progress Foundation, and sponsored by several of Miami-Dade County’s premier companies, local agencies and corporations.

One of the key purposes of Leadership Miami® is to prepare the next generation of Miamians to address vital issues affecting Miami-Dade County and meet future challenges. The program’s dynamic format stimulates animated and critical discussions among participants and guest speakers.

The program offers participants the opportunity to meet Miami’s leaders and to share an intensive learning experience that focuses on community issues and leadership skills through a planned process of lectures, seminars, small group discussions and leadership skills exercises.

During the two-day Opening Conference, community leaders, and prominent business executives present their individual perspectives on a wide variety of topics. All presentations are followed by question and answer sessions and small group discussions led by recent Leadership Miami® graduates who serve as facilitators.

Leadership skills form a basic component of these group workshops.

To encourage further exploration and action related to specific community issues, and to encourage the development of leadership skills, additional sessions are held one Saturday each month, following the Opening Conference. At these sessions, participants have the opportunity to develop friendships and network with peers in their assigned team for the duration of the program.

As an integral part of your Leadership Miami® experience and curriculum, each participant is required to complete four fieldwork assignments to complete the program. The primary purpose of fieldwork assignments is to broaden your awareness of your community activities, to experience the diversity in cultures, and to encourage family involvement and networking among participants within a living-learning environment in Miami-Dade County.

A most important and rewarding part of the program is the participation by all members in a volunteer service project of their team’s choosing. The Community Service Project is a fundamental part of the Leadership Miami® curriculum and a requirement for completion of the program.

The purpose of this portion of the program is to broaden participants’ awareness of community needs and facilitate their involvement in local volunteer programs, aid in the empowerment and revitalization of Miami-Dade County, and to provide a fun environment where participants can practice/develop team and individual leadership skills. In addition to selecting the charitable organization, each team is responsible for designing a program that will benefit the community.

The program year concludes with a Graduation Celebration. The session is dedicated to the review of skills and issues discussed throughout the year and to participants’ presentations of their Team Community Service Projects. The Carlos Arboleya Community Service Award is presented to an outstanding current participant.

Participants may continue their support of Leadership Miami® by serving on various planning committees or as team facilitators. An executive board governs Leadership Miami® with the responsibility of administering the program each year. The board is composed of alumni who are committed to taking an active role in the program.

Upon program completion, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce encourages graduates to continue their involvement and participate in Chamber activities. Graduates are invited to participate in the planning and design of the following year’s Leadership Miami® program.